NSV (Network Survey Vehicle) survey using Leica ‘Pegasus Two’ NSV / LiDAR system with pavement camera, for all 2/4/6/8 lane Highways in India, as per MORTH policy guidelines on NSV survey issued vide letter No. RW / NH-33044/ 32/2019-S&R (P&B), dated 13th November, 2019.

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways vide letter No. RW / NH-33044/ 32/2019-S&R (P&B), dated 13th November, 2019 has created policy guidelines on surveying with Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) in India. According to this policy, it is decided that for all the projects in India involving development of 2/4/6/8-lane, Expressway, stage strengthening, necessarily be surveyed with NSV before start of the construction work, after completion of the work, and thereafter at regular intervals (every 6 months after completion of the work) for each lane of the pavement.

As per the policy guidelines, the minimum parameter which has to be recorded during survey with NSV in each lane are as following, but not limited to :

(i) Inventory of Road: GPS coordinates, Pavement Type, Pavement Width, Terrain, Land use, Shoulder type and width, Drain Type and Width, Median Type and Width, Wayside Amenities, Crash barrier, Signage’s etc. (Note- All inventory items shall be recorded both side of road and Geo-tagged with images / 360 degrees panoramic views).

(ii) Condition of Road: Roughness, Rutting, Distresses (Cracking, Potholes, Bleeding, Surface failure etc.); (Note- All inventory items shall be recorded for each lane and Geo-tagged).

‘Prashant Advanced Survey LLP’ has more than 30 years of experience in the field of professional Land Surveying, Mapping & GIS, using the modern & innovative technologies. Accordingly, we have acquired Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) of Leica ‘Pegasus Two’ along with the pavement camera in March 2015 for survey of the highways in India. We have carried out the survey of more than 12,000 Km of Expressways, National Highways, State Highways & Major District Roads in the past few years with our Two numbers of Leica NSV / LiDAR instruments owned by us.

Leica Pegasus Two Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) with pavement camera.

Leica Pegasus Two Network Survey Vehicle (NSV) with pavement camera.

We have all necessary resources and equipment in-house, like two numbers of “Leica Pegasus Two” NSV / Mobile LiDAR Instruments with pavement cameras, Leica GS14 DGPS RTK receivers, high capacity Work Stations, licensed software’s, skilled manpower, with sufficient experience, for Survey of Inventory of Road & Condition of Road as per MORTH policy requirements, with high quality and accuracy within optimum cost & given time frame.

We at ‘Prashant Advanced Survey LLP’ have the capacity to undertake the NSV survey works of any type of 2/4/6/8 lane Highways in India. Presently we can capture about 200 Lane Km length of highways per day, using our two numbers of ‘Leica Pegasus Two’ NSV systems.

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